Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Lazy Lugs

I'm wholly absorbed in feeling sorry for myself. Shingles completely sucks, and has sapped just about every molecule of energy from my body. The fatigue is surreal; if I'm sitting down, then I'm struggling to stay conscious. Yesterday the doctor doubled my pain medication so I'm going to head into work for the first time this week and see how it goes.

I hear my co-worker is throwing an absolute tantrum at having to cover my classes. She spent Monday sulking and asked as she was leaving that day if I was going to come to work on Tuesday. When the manager said she didn't know, my co-worker started whine-yelling, saying she couldn't handle another day of working back to back classes. Poor thing.

I didn't go yesterday and at the request of the manager, sent her a long text message thanking her for doing her job helping me out and taking care of the students. My absence meant she had to teach a whole HOUR and FORTY minutes more than usual. Poor little lamb. If I could gather the strength, I'd smack some perspective into her pouty self. I've been suffering for about a week and a half with hands-down the most strange and all-encompassing pain I've ever felt and she's taking it personally, crying that she's having to endure working a six hour day.

Honestly, though. I'm going to give these little 20mg oxycodone pills two thumbs up. Waaaaayyyy up. Without them, there wouldn't even be a chance of me going in today.

Meanwhile, have you ever seen these?


Please contemplate them while saying, "Busy butterflies flutter by, but baby ladybugs are lazy lugs" over and over and over and over as fast as you can. Thank you.


Charles Montgomery said...

dang.. your doctor gave you oxycodone?

My buddy in Daejeon had to pass two sets of kidney-stones on nothing more that OTC pain pills.

Also - I just noticed.. for whatever reason my link over there on the right side has stopped updating....

the morningcalm.html thing.


I hope you get better soon...

Jelly said...

That's INSANE. Is your buddy's doctor some sort of sadist? Did the OTC medication work for your buddy? If they were getting the job done, then alright - but if not,...there's no need to suffer from shit like shingles or kidney-stones. My doc told me the first day that I should "endure" and would "allow me 600mg of tylenol," and I went back the following day and told him I'd endured enough. I got him to double the oxycodone a couple days later when 10mg twice a day wasn't sorting me out. (As it is, 20mgs twice a day makes it almost seem like I'm not being repeatedly stabbed in the heart. Through my nipple and armpit.)

I understand doctors might not want to start someone off on a morphine drip, but a patient should insist their doc makes them comfortable with what's available these days in the way of pain management. Don't'cha think?

Thanks for the well wishes. BTW -I was trying to link the "Scraps" blog, but couldn't for some reason or other. I think I fixed the Morning Clam link.