Saturday, February 27, 2010

Blog Bling

This post is late and I'm terribly backlogged. I'll really try to do a post a night next week. How's that for optimism?

I got an e-mail a few weeks ago from someone entitled "A Quick Idea to Run Past You." I read it, and the idea was that this person wanted to send me a piece of jewelry from their store, and in return I could blog my thoughts on it. Well that's an idea I like, as I am a fan of both the shiny things and the free things! So I had a look through LuShae, the online jewelry store where I could pick out any single thing I wanted. It took me a few nights to choose, but I finally decided upon what is arguably their most unique item. Check it out on my finger!


Please ignore the wrinkles in need of some hand cream, and focus on the shiny!


This ring is called the "CZ sculpture" and it's a big'un. Look at the height from the side!


I did promise that I would blog my thoughts, and the woman who sent me the initial invitation and this lovely ring said that I could "post [my] honest thoughts (good, bad or ugly) on [my] blog." As well, you're all welcome to comment and tell me how ugly this ring is and how tacky my taste is. I don't care, because the shininess of my fancy new ring will blind me from your cruelty! I really enjoy this ring. It's very unique. I look at it and it gives me pleasure. It makes me happy. I think there is a good possibility that I was a magpie in a previous life, though - so I realize this piece might be a bit over the top for many people.

I'm a fan of silver, and don't own single piece of gold jewelry. I'll admit that I'm also a snob about "real" silver, and this new ring is my only piece of costume jewelry. This ring is fakeity-fake-fake, but I don't care. Here's from the website:
"White Gold Rhodium Bond is achieved using an electroplating process that coats the item with heavy layers of rhodium, a close cousin of platinum that costs three times as much, which gives our jewelry a platinum luster." So lah-dee-dah! I like the fact that I don't have to polish this ring like I do all my others. And it's so shiny. Did I mention that already?

There are a lot of different pieces to choose from, if you're interested in visiting LuShae Jewelry online. I very nearly ordered some pretty, pink, and far more conservative earrings. LuShae has lots of pretty earrings. Free shipping, too - which is always nice.

Perhaps you're thinking, "Man! What a sellout that Jelly is!" but I'm okay with that. Furthermore, if anyone else is interested in sending me things that are shiny and free, please do! If you feel like sending me a present, just let me know and I'll shoot you the address! Shiny free presents are goooooood, m'kay?

As for the bad, I'll just say that there are quite a number of two-toned (gold and silver combinations) items in the online shop, and I've never been a fan. Also in the bad department, I was seriously ready to buy another ring from them, one more conservative yet still shiny and green - but just before I placed the order I decided to google the ring's name and came up with quite a number of other sites that were offering the same ring at a considerable discount. I shall say no more, though. I am a fan of LuShae and still may very well place that order.

Finally, the ugly - which could fall into the good category as well. My ring came packed up nicely and securely in a cute little box within a well sealed envelope. I attacked the package with enthusiasm, excitement and a pair of not very sharp scissors. Even still,....


a blade's a blade, and this cut was surprisingly deep. Notice the nice placement on the bendy part of my thumb which opened and re-opened and re-re-opened my wound. Nice work. Ummm, and so yah - that's the reason for the lack of posts: I had to wait for healing. It wasn't at all that I was too distracted by the pretty shiny ring on my finger every time I sat down to type. Not at all.

Now I'm off to Seoul to visit my good buddy John. I'll write again on Tuesday. Kisses.

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Kevin Kim said...

You know, that last picture was THE BEST BLING OF ALL! And what makes it so ass-kicking is that anyone can give themselves that crimson bling look for free! Hooray!

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