Thursday, July 17, 2008

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Grill Up

In the mood for some BBQ? How about some pork? Mmmm'kay? Well, how about some,....

(Rectum? I damn near killed 'im!)
Rectum is yum yum!

This isn't really rectum - this stuff. It's the intestines of the pig, and it's also the specialty of my friends' restaurant. There's a lot of work that goes into preparing the intestines so they're ready to get grilled up. One must be fastidious with the cleaning of this stuff or you're going to get pretty ill. Maybe die. Something like that. So my friends clean it up very carefully inside and out and then they're all put inside an actual washing machine that only washes intestines! Then it's left to marinate in some special concoction that has a KIWI base! Pretty cool!

The intestines actually look just like intestines when they're placed on the grill. They start to get all tubey as they cook - the restaurant fills with this smell that's not bad at all. It's like bacon without the smokiness. Drooly.

After they've plumped up you snatch them up with tongs and cut them open with scissors. Then brown them up. I like smushing them into the grill so they sizzle and get good and crispy on the outside.

Then they're dipped into this spicy sauce filled with thinly sliced gochu (spicy green peppers) and peanuts. It's very delicious as well.

You can pop the "mackchang" (intestines - also called "holmone" in Japan) into your mouth just so, or cradle them up in a lettuce or sesame leaf with some sliced onions that are soaked in soy, vinegar, and wasabi and a nice sweet roasted clove of garlic. The intestines are chewy. Like fatty pork gum. I love the smell of mackchang, but can only eat a bit before I think "uhhhhh, that's enough chewy pig rectum for me."

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

T-Minus 2 days

Time goes by so fast. I'm heading off to Canada for a nice little vacation in a couple days. I'm hoping to spend a lot of time having fun at talking in WARP speed English. If joy and laughter don't envelop me during every moment I'm back in the motherland I'm going to kick everybody's ass.

No pressure, though.

I'm also hoping that this break in my regularly scheduled programming is going to knock me in to gear creativity wise. Sheesh. I'd intended to write a bunch of posts (about what, I dunno) over the past week, but,...

I don't know.
I caught a bad cold and I think everyone is stupid?

Those aren't really related to one another, yet they've both made me pretty crabby.

Look at a puppy.
Whyfore he bark at me every time I pass by?
He kind of looks like he wants to bite my jugular out, eh?

Tuesday, July 08, 2008

Bad Bad Me

See? This is why it's good I don't have children. I'm neglectful. Forgive me, y'all,'s been three weeks since my last post. I just haven't felt moved by the blogging spirit lately. If I had a baby it'd be all "Wah, wah, FEED ME!" and I'd think, "Yaaaahhhh - I'm just not that motivated."

That's not true. I'd totally feed the baby. I feed my cat every day - so there you go. As a matter of fact, though, I ran out of cat food after feeding him his breakfast this morning and so rushed after work to the local pet store in my town (one of one of a kind here) to fetch him some chow. Usually I head downtown once a week at least to grab his food, but I haven't had the time lately. I caught the local store just as they were closing up, but they unlocked the door for me. (Aside: poor un-airconditioned dogs and puppies on the inside of that shop! The place reeks something horrible and is overrun with fruit flies. There must be at least fifteen dogs and twenty puppies all caged in that stink. Poor things.) So I was happy to have made it to the pet store before they closed (forty five minutes early than their sign says they do) but was dismayed to discover they had no cat food! So Kamikaze just ate up a dish of fine Korean "chicken and jelly" dog food. I expect him to start barking anytime now.

So if I had a baby wah-wahing for some food chances are I'd pop a beer in it's mouth and give it a tattoo.

In my absence from this here blog I had a fling. So, the camel aspect of my being has been satiated. The fling has flung now and I'm flunged out. Posting will resume.

For about a week, that is.
I'm flinging myself to Canada next week where I will spend a few days in the big city and no less than eighteen days in max-chillax mode at my family's cottage. Details and pictures will surely follow whence I return in mid-August,...but starting mid-next-week this here space is probably going to get pretty dark.

Don't cry for me, though. I intend on eating half a delicious Canadian (and therefore not subject to hysterical Korean protest) cow done up right on the barbeque. And the beer,....ohhhhhh Molson je'taime beaucoup.

Sunday, July 06, 2008


Is this thing on?