Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Grill Up

In the mood for some BBQ? How about some pork? Mmmm'kay? Well, how about some,....

(Rectum? I damn near killed 'im!)
Rectum is yum yum!

This isn't really rectum - this stuff. It's the intestines of the pig, and it's also the specialty of my friends' restaurant. There's a lot of work that goes into preparing the intestines so they're ready to get grilled up. One must be fastidious with the cleaning of this stuff or you're going to get pretty ill. Maybe die. Something like that. So my friends clean it up very carefully inside and out and then they're all put inside an actual washing machine that only washes intestines! Then it's left to marinate in some special concoction that has a KIWI base! Pretty cool!

The intestines actually look just like intestines when they're placed on the grill. They start to get all tubey as they cook - the restaurant fills with this smell that's not bad at all. It's like bacon without the smokiness. Drooly.

After they've plumped up you snatch them up with tongs and cut them open with scissors. Then brown them up. I like smushing them into the grill so they sizzle and get good and crispy on the outside.

Then they're dipped into this spicy sauce filled with thinly sliced gochu (spicy green peppers) and peanuts. It's very delicious as well.

You can pop the "mackchang" (intestines - also called "holmone" in Japan) into your mouth just so, or cradle them up in a lettuce or sesame leaf with some sliced onions that are soaked in soy, vinegar, and wasabi and a nice sweet roasted clove of garlic. The intestines are chewy. Like fatty pork gum. I love the smell of mackchang, but can only eat a bit before I think "uhhhhh, that's enough chewy pig rectum for me."


Mike Bohemoth said...

Bleah. Never in a thousand years. I smelled my neighbor barbequeing chitlins in Detroit long ago...the smell of burning sewage still haunts me.

Michael said...

Actually looks yummy. I enjoy trying new foods that my friends cringe at.

Maven said...

I've seen folks clean out intestine with a high power hose. I'm sure if you douche out the insides long enough and with the right marinade, it could be quite good. See, for me, I'm envisioning filling the insides with teriyaki marinade, sherry and pineapple cubes, marinate and then grill up... Could be good... assuming I didn't know what it was:)

I'm more interested in the hot pepper kimchee thing you served it with:)

Les said...

Too rubbery for me.

lol said...

Those are what Black people call "chitlins!" You don't have to go to China or Japan for that. Just go to your local grocery store and buy you a bucket of chitterlings!

P.S. I'm Black, but I don't eat 'em. You know why?—Replace the ch with sh!!!

lol said...

Oh, by the way, grilling chitlins? That's a new one for me.