Tuesday, July 15, 2008

T-Minus 2 days

Time goes by so fast. I'm heading off to Canada for a nice little vacation in a couple days. I'm hoping to spend a lot of time having fun at talking in WARP speed English. If joy and laughter don't envelop me during every moment I'm back in the motherland I'm going to kick everybody's ass.

No pressure, though.

I'm also hoping that this break in my regularly scheduled programming is going to knock me in to gear creativity wise. Sheesh. I'd intended to write a bunch of posts (about what, I dunno) over the past week, but,...

I don't know.
I caught a bad cold and I think everyone is stupid?

Those aren't really related to one another, yet they've both made me pretty crabby.

Look at a puppy.
Whyfore he bark at me every time I pass by?
He kind of looks like he wants to bite my jugular out, eh?

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Michael said...

Have a safe trip!