Monday, September 29, 2008

Duck, Duck, Poo.



Well, geese really.

The ducks, we like. The geese - not so much.

I mean, I love them. I love their silly necks and all the honking and especially the V-Format flight migration. Very cool. However, if they happen to swim by and decide to stop for a wee rest and to peck upon your lawn, they will leave you with the unfortunate present of piles of green slippery goose poo all over the grass. And, if you didn't know they'd visited you won't be aware of all the slippery shit. So when you're headed to the dock for some sun after a nice sleep-in and delicious breakfast done up on the barbeque, you'll slide on the green poo. And then you're covered in it.

And worst of all, you'll have spilled your Vodka Caesar.

1 comment:

Maven said...

Not only is it slippery, goose shit in particular is chock full of nasties. Srsly.