Thursday, October 09, 2008


I was curious, and so I mustered up some courage and and a calculator to figure out some numbers. As other guys have noted, and I mentioned in the previous post, the Korean won is swirling down the toilet.

It's almost like I got a demotion, even though I'm still going into work everyday and doing the same (fantastic) job. (I mean my performance is fantastic, not the job. The job would be better if there weren't so many screaming children. Ha!) In the time since I went to Canada on July 17th of this year, my monthly salary has decreased by $442.29 when converted to Canadian dollars. In the past year I've lost $632.82, and since January of 2007 my monthly salary has gone down $1,150!! That's so sick.

And let me take this meltdown personally for a moment more, but it ticks me off that I haven't changed my lifestyle; I'm a good shopper and I'm still out spending my dough and propping up the K-economy. And this is the thanks I get?

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