Sunday, November 30, 2008

Weekend Update

So tomorrow should be interesting. I'm going to be working for a new franchise. I've been going over the new materials I'll be using in class, and it all seems pretty solid. We've already had a couple parents call in to complain about the new school, and I think my co-workers are doing a good job at assuring everyone that everything's going to be alllllright. We shall see, but I hope so.

I met my old manager Jane on Friday night and that went well. Grudges schmudges, I can't be bothered with them. It was good to see her and I had a fun night out. I was concerned with Jane's friend who came along. She was very stylish but absolutely skeletal. It wasn't hard to notice that she stuck closer to her shot glass and smokes than the chopsticks, and after a short while she was absolutely smashed. I thought as much, because she kept talking and talking, though no one seemed to be engaged in conversation with her. But then she got up off her stool and crashed to the floor. My co-worker helped her toward the loo and for the rest of the night one of us was in charge of holding her upright. Back in Canada this woman would be totally cut off by the bartender, but here,...well, not so much. She was having a good time and for the most part was aware of what was going on around her. She wasn't belligerent or weepy, and other than being unable to stay vertical she was ok. During one of my turns propping her up gravity got the better of the both of us and I've got a massive bruise on my shin as a result. She sat beside me at the noraebang and I spent most of the time with my arms out, trying to shield her from the dangerous shifting table and tilty floor. At least that's the way things surely were in her world. Still, she managed to elude my grabby arms a few times and she must have woken up completely black and blue on Saturday.

Still, it was an interesting night.

Apologies for lack of posting. I got a short list of sad news from back home this past week and haven't felt so, uh, blogivated.

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Kevin said...

Sorry to hear about the bad news. Good luck at the new franchise!