Thursday, November 20, 2008

Bok Bok Moo Feast

Recently I had a feast with a bunch of fools friends. I had brought back some packages of Mesquite Marinade from Canada and decided to prepare some meat for my pals who own a BBQ restaurant here in town. So we headed to the open market on a sunny Saturday afternoon and I bought a couple chickens to add to my stash of ten breasts I'd already bought the day before, and a mess of samgyeopsal. I was going to feed about fourteen people. I also picked up a load of fresh vegetables, dirt cheap. I love the markets here, though if you go to the ones in smaller towns like mine, you're bound to get a lot of stares from the vendors. If you smile, though, you're bound to get a smile back.
Under the umbrellas ellas ellas.

Mmmmmm. Garlic!


I didn't have the balls to take a photo of the adjumma sitting on a platform, sleeping with her head on a stool, proped over bowls of hairless chopped up dogs she had for sale. I was getting some stink-eye from the neighbouring vendors for showing a bit too much interest in her stall. Next time I'll be more stealth in my secret undercover picture taking!

I came back to my apartment and hacked the chicken up into pieces, mixed up a big batch of marinade and dumped all the meat into various big zip-lock bags and containers.
Mmmmmmm. Marination.

Later, I got to vegetable chopping to prepare this "Oriental Coleslaw" recipe that I'd found online.
It turned out pretty well and there was loads of it, (another giant container as well as this big-ass bowl) so my friends ended up serving it as panchan to their customers the following day.

The staff arranged a variety of other panchan and sauces to accompany the mesquite-meat-feast.
See the ddoek? (Logs of rice cake.) That stuff is so yummy on a grill!

And so we got to BBQing!

Mmmmmm, chicken!

My friends really enjoyed the smokey flavours and it was a different take from the regular sweet-bulgogi or spicy yangyam style flavours. Yummy!


KirkK said...

Hey Jenn - That looked great. Plus, I have a thing about photos of various markets.

James Creegan said...

So you took the stuff to their restaurant and grilled it up on their BBQ things eh?

That sounds like an excellent way to have a party with friends.

At any time did you feel the urge to put your face in the huge bowl full of marinating chicken breasts and go


Jelly said...

TY Kirk!

James, it's good having pals with a restaurant! I didn't think about it with the chicken, but I'd kind of like to motorboat your mustache.