Sunday, October 15, 2006

WCB 71 - Cat in a Box, Cat in a Bag

Just last weekend, WCB's theme was "Cat in a Box." I posted Kamikaze in a bed, because I didn't have a box. About 5 minutes after posting, Kamikaze climbed into his cat carrier for a little nap. Ahhhhh, I DO have a box - of sorts.
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This is a giant carrier for my giant cat. I had a hell of a time tracking down something he would be able to stand up and turn around in, but this works. I love how he just sits in there when he feels like it. It makes me think he's not going to freak out when the time comes for me to put him in there so we can go somewhere. Kamikaze doesn't travel well.

But he seems to want to go somewhere. Here he is in my big black bag.
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Really, he's just after the plastic bag in the big black bag. He loves to chew on the handles. I think it's like dental floss for him!

For more cats, visit Rosa's Yummy Yums! Next week it's MY turn to host WCB! I'm really looking forward to it!


Anonymous said...

Aren't they (cats of course) the funniest of creatures..sitting exactly where you want them to on the wrong occaison. Mine run like hell from their carriers whenever it's vet time..then sleep in them like they're mini hotel rooms when it's not..even demanding me to open up the doors.

I know they read our minds so I'm not sure why I'm so surprsied when they react to our thoughts..sthilly human me!

Your kitty is gorgeous by the way.

I'm off to do litter duty now..have the best day.

Anonymous said...

oh kamikaze yu are alsays so cute with yur bright eyes peaking out of all that black furr!

Anonymous said...

It sounds like Kamikaze and Upsie are both getting the urge to travel.
Please see
Nice phtos and that really must be a giant carrier cause he looks small in it.
What do you have in mind as a theme for next weekend's WCB # 72?
Bonnie in Virginia

Jelly said...

Hi Bonnie (and Mary and Aria!)
Bonnie - I don't have anything in the way of a theme in mind. How about rabbits? No, wait,....cats! No! Trains!! Cats on trains? No - cats. Just furry kitty cats!
I'm looking forward to this weekend!