Friday, April 13, 2007

Speaking of Buddy

Here's Buddy: The Good Boy taken today on my way to work.
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He comes to school with me like I'm Mary and he's my little lamb. He's such a gentle playful dog. Once we're upstairs, I take off my shoes, change into my sandals, and then step inside to fetch a sausage from the mini-fridge in the Teacher's Room. Lately Jane wants to feed him, but he hates her and tears off in fear when she appears. He comes back, though, when I call him - and takes the meat so gently from my hand. Sometimes he happily tosses it around a few times, and then I say "Okay, buh-bye Buddy!" and he trots away back down the hall and the stairs. I go inside to watch him from a classroom window as he prances down the street with a sausage hanging out of his mouth. Sometimes, it's the absolute highlight of my day.

Here's the cover of one of my student's sketchbooks:
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Time, Veal and imaginary!


sher said...

He's adorable!! Obviously, you two were meant for each other!

eva said...

I can see why you have fallen for him. A match made in heaven!

Kitikata-san said...

What a cute dog. I am glad you feed him.

KirkK said...

Oh adorable!