Tuesday, June 26, 2007


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Joel said...


How are you feeling after that accident? You sure seem to be getting beat up over the last year.

Anonymous said...


lindsey starr said...

I'm guessing it is lychee... have seen a drawing of it on canned ones at Trader Joes. I almost bought some the other day. Now I will get them next time though, and taste it. I did have some lychee flavored tea once though.

Can you buy them already peeled? or do you have to peel each one to eat them?

Anonymous said...

You should have put up a final picture of the pit!

Those things are yummy, and great for managing high blood pressure!

hardyandtiny said...

ya wanna see my mango baby?

Steph F. said...

Oh my God! I totally forgot how fresh lychee looks - and now I feel sad. The imported stuff we get in the U.S. doesn't quite cut it. Now I miss fresh lychee.

These are beautiful photos.

Anonymous said...

It's a rambutan from Malaysia