Saturday, May 14, 2005

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I don't think I'm going to be able to stick to that posting every 5 minutes commitment. I've been thinking about it these last few minutes, and while I do have a lot of time on my hands, I think I'm going to have to commit to other things, like work and sleep and such. Oh well. So for anyone who is clicking on my bloggy blog every 5 minutes looking for an update, I fear I will have to disappoint.

I tried to d/l "Hello" to publish some photos, but it will not work with my computer. Actually I tried to download Picassa last weekend to remove some red-eye from one of my friends photos, but it didn't work on my computer then either. Bloody computer.

I'm not extraordinarily computer literate, but I am a fast learner. What makes it doubly challenging, is that my computer is largely Hangul, or Korean language inclined. And although I have lived in Korea for almost a year and a half in total, I can't speak the language.

The Hangul alphabet isn't that difficult to master. There's fewer characters than the English alphabet. From :

Notable features of Hangeul
There are 24 letters (jamo) in the Korean alphabet: 14 consonants and 10 vowels. The letters are combined together into syllable blocks.

Visit their website if you want to learn more.

So, even though the alphabet isn't that hard to master (my Australian friend had it down pat within a few weeks of arriving in Korea) I didn't think mastering it was that important. Even though I might be able to sound out what is written, I still don't know WHAT it is. Know what I mean?

Anyways, point being, error messages and what not pop up in Korean on my computer, and I'm all, like, "molayo" (which is the handiest of handy phrases for me, meaning "duuuuh, I don't understand") and so,...

Maybe it's for the best that I can't get Hello to work on my comp right now. I think it would make me even more jonesy about getting a digital camera. I want one I want one I want one I want one I want one.

I have a very very nice camera, a gift from my beloved brother, a Canon EOS. I love it. It takes a great photo. Thing is I rarely develop the rolls of film I take. I have about 10 here, undeveloped. I left about 20 more at my mother's place the last time I was in Canada (about a year ago) that I haven't developed. Basically, the majority of my life overseas is undeveloped. Rolls of film are easier to lug around than suitcases of photographs. Once I finally return to Canada and settle down I will get to a photo lab. Looking at all those photos will be a joyous walk down Memory Lane.

I look forward to it.

Anyhow, what was I talking about in the first place?

Surely my postings might go like this. Ramble shift ramble digress. It's all good.

A lovely compliment from my mom in an e-mail today:

"I let Anna (her co-worker) read your email about the glass in Kamikaze's food. She said you are a very good writer and should be writing the greatest novel ever. I agree."

Awwww, mother-love. Goooood!

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