Saturday, May 14, 2005

Flaky Journaller (No more?)

I have an actual journal that I've been dragging around with me for years - probably just to prevent it from getting read by anyone. (It's one of those pathetic pour-out-your-guts-poor-me-what's-it-all-about-melodramas.) Let me grab it, and you'll have an idea about the sporadic nature of my journalling...

Okay - started journal September 21st, 1992 with the words "It's kind of funny that I have to write a journal for this class, because for the past few weeks it seems like everyone under the sun has been bugging me to start one." I don't know which class that was, I assume it was an English class - and I'll further assume I didn't get high marks for my journal from the prof - as I see no comments under the 1st entry.

The second entry is January 29th, 1994. So there ya go!

There are a few long and rambling entries over the next months until June 7th/94, and then BLAMMO...

Fri. Dec. 8th, 1995. Guess I wasn't feeling so happy then: "I hate Sault Ste. Marie. There is no fathomable reason to stay here. This place sucks, my job sucks, I'm lonesome, I hate Peter, I hate work, I hate the weather, I hate snow and I hate shovelling. I hate my car tonight, I hate Bell Canada. I hate Algoma Steel and I hate the icicles on the roof!" That's a whole lotta hate!! Looking back on my short stay in Sault Ste. Marie, it wasn't all bad. It was pretty bad - but at least it was quite a learning experience. I wonder what my beef was with Algoma Steel?? Sometime I will write about my experiences there: angry lovers-spats at work with coffee cups a' flyin', a bearded lesbian who cooks moose spaghetti to bring to pot luck lunches, and a man who looks at wolves and tells me, drunkenly, "Dem's my brudders." Good time, good times.

Next entries, Dec. 15th, Jan. 13th (96), April 20th, May 21st, 22nd, 23rd, 25th, 29th, oooohhh I was on a roll!

Uh oh,... Tues. Feb. 10th, 1997: "Yah I think the thing with me not writing regularily is because I lack focus," (no chit Cherlock) "I feel like the whole writing thing should be incorporated into some sort of routine, which I'm lacking in my life." Hmmmmm,....seems so.

Very next entry, July 28th, 1998.

Followed by Thurs. July 27th, 2000.

Re-reading the final entry from Dec. 9th, 2001 makes me wanna puke. I was on the verge of a major upheaval, namely leaving Canada for Korea - but I didn't know that then.

So, point is I'm a flake when it comes to sticking to a project. Kinda, sorta,...but I'd like to think I'm getting better at seeing things through. I have, after all, committed to posting every 5 minutes. I'm going to be a busy woman!

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