Tuesday, November 22, 2005

My Wing and a Chestnut

I slept poorly last night, which means it felt like I spent more time awake than asleep. When I was sleeping, I must have done so in an awkward position, as I woke up this morning with a really achey left shoulder blade. (I just googled shoulder blade to make sure that's what I meant. I generally think of that area as the place wings will eventually sprout out of my back.)

While lifting my arm to wash my pit, I heard a little crack. I think my muscle went into spasm then. Trying to dry off, sort out my hair, and get dressed was a challenge that made me about 5 minutes late to work, and I ended up walking there as if I was the Crooked Lady coming from her Crooked House. At least I looked interested in the kids today, as my head was cocked to one side, like a dog.

Speaking of dogs, I ran into Mamadog today. I'd seen her last week hanging around with Barky Boyfriend, and she was sporting big saggy jugs on her undercarriage. I had wondered where her puppies were, since she had been obviously pregnant, and I had heard puppy-wimpers last month.

Today, though, we had "the big reveal," and I came across Mamadog and her lone puppy relaxing in the sun in the small overgrown field near where the rabbits are caged. I wish I had a camera, because HOLY CUTE! It's as if Mamadog cloned herself, she's got one little fat white with brown and grey splotches puppy. A Mini-Mamadog! The puppy did indeed seem interested in playing with me, but stopped short when Mamadog growled a warning to go no further. After I've been giving her treats for months. As if! That's ok. My arm hurt and I was too late for playing. Puppy is in it's obedient uuber reliant phase. Soon it will rebel and we will get our play on.

I ended up postponing my dinner out because I was feeling crap, but after a few advil and some stretching I was feeling quite a bit better after a few hours and was able to straighten out my noggin. I felt bad about canceling, but I called 5 hours earlier than we were supposed to meet, which is better than the 5 minutes they gave me before they postponed last Thursday. It's all good.

So I went downtown to get some bread, and I did. Sourdough sunflower. Mmmmm. As I walked down the street, a lady called out and smiled and held out her hand to me. She gave me 2 roasted chestnuts from her Chitty Chitty Bang Bang Chestnut Roaster. I thanked her and was happy to try them, as I've never had one before. I recall the smell of them in Toronto from the Popcorn/Chestnut Roaster carriages they have on the streets during the winter. They smelled great back then, but I wasn't about to buy a whole bag. I'm glad I never did, because I wasn't very keen on them! Something about the subtle sweetness combined with the texture. Not for me.

Then I came home and crashed out for a couple hours.

Now I'd like someone to come and stick one of these bandage style medicine patches on my shoulder-wing, because I can't reach. Ah, yet another drawback of being alone. Not entirely, but the cat is useless helping out with things like these.

Rest well and don't sleep funny.

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