Sunday, January 08, 2006


For the tens of thousands of you who are wondering how I'm feeling these days, I thought I'd update. I'm still sick, if you can believe it, but it's manageable. I went back to work this past week and did ok, though I still felt fairly shite. It's intensive winter classes time, and for me, waking up a couple hours earlier than usual was pretty brutal. I slept a solid 9 hours last night (Friday) and still had a deep 4 hour nap (filled with crazy dreams) today, so you can imagine what kind of rest my body seems to need.

The flu is pretty much better, but I've gotten a wicked sinus infection. I've read on the net this isn't that uncommon. It feels strange though. My left ear has been clogged up since Monday. Last Friday, when I went to the doctor, I had spent the day with a hot pad clutched to the side of my head, my ear was so sore! I whimpered when the doc stuck that machine in my ear to take my temperature. The pain is gone, but with the pressure behind my eye and the blocked ear, it feels like half of my head is out of commission. My lungs and head are full of bright green snot (which indicates infection, as my freaky-deaky-Dutch doc in Japan told me) but it's not going anywhere. I'm not sneezing, and blowing my nose just seems to re-distribute the crap in my head, as opposed to propelling it OUT. I'm still coughing a lot, but it's wet sounding, but not producing anything. I'm still going to the doc every 2nd day, where I get my usual ass-injection and bunch of pills, but I've also been holding what looks like a hair dryer, but is some sort of heat mechanism, to my left ear as I sit in the lobby and the other patients look on.

On Friday I felt like the perfect cartoon version of myself. I was exhausted and giddy and full of headache and earache. The sound my blocked ear produces is like being underwater. My breath is deafening, and my own heartbeat and voice is worse. Hearing a whole bunch of kids yammer at the same time makes me feel confused. I mean, it's always confusing, but even more so. I think the sounds enter my right ear and bounce around inside my head, where they would normally exit out my left ear. But they can't.

So that's the deal. I'm getting better, and I think, hopefully, this week I'll turn the corner. I really hope my ear unblocks while I'm awake, because I anticipate it'll be like a wacky head orgasm. I'll be all "aaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!" as I clutch a kleenex to the side of my head, hoping the release of pressure doesn't dislodge my grey matter.

I'll let you know!

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