Saturday, January 28, 2006


I'm officially on vacation. Wheeeee! I should be packing and cleaning, but I'm not. I like to leave everything til the last possible moment because that freaks me out the most. Usually, when I get my middle school girls to stop by and feed the kitty, change the water, and scoop the poop, I try to clean my place up nice. I just can't be bothered this time around. I've been tired and busy with extra classes. If those 13 year olds come in here and judge me, I'll deal.

I sent my mother an opinion laden e-mail tonight and am nervous about the fallout.

Mmmmmmm, sushi!

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Joel said...

I hope your fallout is better than mine. Mine left me broken up (for the time being) and possibly out of an extension on my contract. Sometimes it's just better to keep our mouths shut.