Thursday, January 19, 2006

An Inside Joke for One

I think it's kind of fun to freeze your face into something interesting and really exaggerated- like a look of horrific disbelief, or like you're about to go down the big hill on the roller coaster. Then go into a public place, like a supermarket, say.

If you're a big conspicuous foreigner this is even more fun.

Then just walk around looking at stuff - but DON'T CHANGE THE LOOK ON YOUR FACE!

People will look at you, and then look at what you're looking at to see what could be causing such a facial effect, and then will look back at you. After staring for a bit, they'll resign themselves to the strange fact that you just always look insane.

I laugh my ass off in the taxi home.

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captain_howdy_girl said...

Isn't the stream of consciences a beautiful thing?