Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Metrosexual Flower Man

James, over at I Spy Shanghai just returned from weekend journey to his old stomping grounds in Seoul. In his Shoe Tuesday post he writes about the Metrosexual Flower Men who abound in Korea. In his very next post he mentions The Face Shop. I'm hoping he isn't planning on tying those two things together in his next post, because I'm going to beat him to it.

Bae Yong Jun, (aka Yon-sama in Japan) was the star of the very popular drama Winter Sonata (겨울연가) from a few years ago. It seems he hasn't done too much acting since then, but he is the latest Face of The Face Shop. He is also the Quing of Metrosexual Flower Men.


He was the absolute darling of middle aged Korean and Japanese women. For some reason, he's turned into one of them, pretty much. See the flowers? See the metrosexual? That strap he's fingering over his shoulder for sure must be a giant murse.

See the metrosexual marvel at bamboo?


How much do you want to bet he's wearing the L'ame perfume pictured at James's?


Dingle said...

Good lord, he's pretty much bordering on transvestite!

James Creegan said...

I saw that advert, and I saw the photos, and I swear to all that is holy that I thought

"Wow- that girl looks a lot like Bae Yong Joon"

Are you serious? Is that really him?

Jelly said...

It's really him. Here's a blog dedicated to all things Bae Yong Jun Check out the March 6th post!

Kevin said...

When I get back to Korea, I'm going to find a slew of "metro" pictures of Korean and North American dudes, cut the photos off at the bridge of the nose, mix the pics up with similarly altered photos of women, then have my students try to pick out which pics are of men and which are of women.

This will be the lead-in to a discussion on changing popular notions of masculinity and femininity in Korea and elsewhere. Could be good. Could be crazy.

Thanks for the idea.


Wrenchbender said...