Friday, March 20, 2009

Spring Hath Sprung


These trees were bare on Monday, which turned out to be a nice mild spring-like day. The previous Monday we overnight temperatures fall to below zero and there was a 30% chance that it would snow. It did not. It snowed ONCE here during winter. For about five minutes.

Anyhow, by Tuesday the magnolias had just POPPED! Yesterday they were in full bloom.


They smell delicious, and I would gladly spend the whole day with my face smushed into them, inhaling through my flowerxygen mask.


But work beckoned like it always does. My walk is going to be enjoyable over the next few weeks as flowers blossom and green returns to the countryside. The forsythia has busted out on the way down the hill.


Today must have gotten up to about 20 degrees even under cloudy skies, and it was MUGGY! Spring doesn't last very long here, so it's a good idea I enjoy it while I can. Soon enough we'll be back into the sauna of summer, and I'm not a big fan.


Nomad said...

Enjoy the 2 or 3 weeks of that "distinct season" called spring because as you said, it'll be smoking hot and miserable out before you know it.

James Creegan said...

I was in Seoul at the weekend and found it remarkably pleasant.

Blue skies, clear spring air, and metrosexual "flower men" as far as the eye could see.