Sunday, May 24, 2009

And We're Back!

I love my fixed computer. I cannot believe how patient I'd been with its brokedown former version that, seriously, crashed every five or ten minutes or so. I put up with that shit for A LONG TIME and never once sent the machine careening off the balcony to the parking lot below. As the weather got warmer, the crashes got worse and I finally insisted my Computer Man take it in and either fix it or kill it and we would Speak No More About It.

A week later it returned, motherboard and disc drive replaced. It's so much quieter. It's so much more agreeable. I can watch videos or open 20 windows if I want and it hasn't once restarted. I love it.

Meanwhile, I'm sort of shopping for a new system and was almost going to buy a desktop PC until I realized that a notebook is a far better suited option. My boss is offering to sell me his phat couple months old Toshiba for about 650,000 (100,000 less than he paid for it at the beginning of March.) I'm sure it would be a relief for him to deduct that out of my one month's salary "completion bonus" that's due in about three weeks. We'll see. It's a spiffy looking machine, which is all I can say about it really - because I know jack about computers.

So posting shall resume with a fury. Or a trickle. We shall see. Meanwhile, please enjoy this picture of Wall Cat, who lives on the wall on the way to work.


Wall Cat changes into Run-Away-From-Me Street Cat every time I pass by. I'm ususally quite able to befriend the neighborhood dogs, but cats? Fuggedabout it. They're as skittish as,...a chicken at KFC? Yech. I've got to work on my similes.

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