Thursday, May 07, 2009

M I Ok?

My buddy John kindly sent me an E-mail today with the subject line "R U Ok?" He was asking because I have been Lameity McLame-o when it comes to life blogging. I know.

I've been contending with a triple smack down 'round here. First, I was sick for some time and I think it makes for a fairly boring blog if allz I do is detail the symptoms of my misery. For about three weeks all I did was come home from work and crawl into bed. Sleep good. I was dutiful about my recovery, though - what with the snoring and taking handfuls of pills. I'm feeling much better.

Secondly, my computer has become such a whiny pouting bitch. With every site I open, I cringe a little, wondering if that's going to be the click which causes my PC to suddenly restart. I get a black screen followed by a beep and then a blue screen announcing the computer is checking itself. (Checking whether or not its an asshole, oh YEP! CHECK!) That whole process takes about five minutes and repeats itself fifteen minutes later. I'm going to finally take it in, but I fear this Jooyongtech hunk of crap might be ready for the scrap pile.

Finally, I've been suffering from writer's block. That is like this. Well,...the picture is accurate, but the term "block" isn't exactly the truth. I've been writing. I've got lost of stuff saved to draft. I can't bear to hit publish because I hate it all. I guess that's what a withering case of self-loathing will do. John commented on something I recently published here, graciously saying "Your post about being pulled off the ice was both fascinating and cryptic. That you apparently deleted it shortly after posting is a little disconcerting though." I didnt actually delete it. I buried it in April. That was sort of accidental - I hit a wrong button when I was editing it, but then I decided I felt better not having it staring at me when I opened my blog so I let it hide out in the previous month and replaced it with the picture of an octopus. There's a solid chance that I may hide this entry once I wake up and decide I hate it. Perhaps I'll replace it with another picture of an octopus. Maybe I'll sort through many of my recent posts, hiding them in the past and replacing them with octopedes.

It's probably time to get crazy 'round here anyhow. Shake things up. Make some changes. Yes? Perhaps yes.

Oh, and for the record - I M OK. Pretty much.

Here's a preview of tomorrow's post.

I'm going to kiss my computer now because it managed to crash zero times while I wrote this.


hardyandtiny said...

still going strong! congrats!

hardyandtiny said...

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