Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Roaring Overhead

The fighter jets of yesterday have been replaced by a massive helicopter carrying a giant vat of water, I think. Stupid thing has flown over every fifteen minutes or so since just before six this morning. Maybe it's replenishing it's haul of water and flying off to fight some fire, and if so, that's good. (There's no proof they're not just flying around trying to tick me off, though.) Their roaring, combined with the symphony of morning jackhammers where they're tearing up the street over yonder makes me wish I had a nice pair of earplugs. But then, how would I hear my alarm? Land of the morning NOISE!


Foreigner Joy said...

I wear earplugs every night and still hear my alarm.

The one who got away said...

Hey there.... yeah I guess my blog did die lol. I just posted some updates, I have been meaning to get back into it. Thanks for your comment, it got me going again. :)

Maven said...

Hoping all is well with you, Jelzzzzz!