Thursday, August 13, 2009

Sudden Vacation

My good friend Herb, who I used to work with in Japan, let me know on Monday that he and his lovely wife Mika were arriving in Busan the next day. I'm lucky I had some vacation days left over from last year and was able to wrangle a couple days off on short notice. (One co-worker is super pissed about having to cover my classes, though.) (Tough!) So I'm in Busan and just about to head out for dins. I highly recommend Busan. It's so the wonderful opposite of my sleepy little country neighbourhood. I'd like to also recommend the Elysee Motel in Nampo-dong. For 50,000 won I'm staying in a sizeable room with a giant TV, free computer, fantastic steam shower, and spending an hour this afternoon in the jacuzzi with a half of a bubble bar from LUSH completely mellowed me out. I feel max relaxed and everything is fiiiiine. How are you doing?


Maven said...

How's trix, woman?

Hope all is well!


Charles Montgomery said...


Good you got some vacation!

And thanks for the hotel tip, I'm down in Busan a couple times a year and that place looks good.