Sunday, August 02, 2009


He's got fangs, sure - but even more dangerous are the laser eyes. He's super pissed because he accidentally directed his lasers into a mirror and they reflected back, zapping off his ear.


Now he can only hear half of what I'm saying as I beg, "Please Kami, look away from me. I'll get you some fish, just please don't disintegrate me."

If I were you, I'd back away from your screen slowwwwwwlllyyyy.


Kevin Kim said...

If Kami's hearing only half of what you're saying, he might be hearing:

Please Kami... I'll get you some fish, just... disintegrate me.


Jelly said...

PRECISELY!!! I learned this after he disintegrated two toes. I have to speak like, "NO BAD BAD NO STOP CEASE BAD NO!"

Kitikata-san said...

Kamikaze has fangss! He is very cute!