Tuesday, August 25, 2009


I've been in contact lately with one of my former co-workers. I ran into her a few months ago at a department store downtown and we had a little chat. She seemed really excited to see me, which was a bit surprising. I hadn't spoken to her at all since she screwed us over a year and a half ago. She grabbed my hands and apologized for how she had behaved back then, and she had learned a lesson and she missed me so much and yadda yadda. Water under the bridge, I say - and we made tentative plans to meet up sometime soon - as people always seem to do: "Let's get together soon!" She followed up on that promise and I sort of blew her off. Not with malice, but more that I couldn't get my shit together to arrange some time.

Anyhow, she noticed recently that we're advertising for a new teacher and contacted my boss. There was some discussion. Karen advised to absolutely not consider hiring her, and I told them what I thought: that she was unreliable back in the day, but popular with the students. Maybe she's changed. I don't know. When my manager called to follow up, Sunny said she'd just started working at another school. So that was that.

Until yesterday.

I got a message from Sunny that her new boss was looking to hire a foreign teacher and wanted to talk to me. I wondered why. Did he think I might know someone looking for a job? Was he looking for advice? He wanted to come up and meet me yesterday after I finished work - at 11 o'clock! I declined, but said we could perhaps meet another night when I wasn't so tired. I mentioned this to my manager who got instantly suspicious and said I needed to tell the guy to call HER the next time he contacted me.

So, Sunny called me again today and it turns out her boss wasn't really interested in any friend I might have, he was looking to poach me! He was offering 50% more vacation than what I currently get, plus a raise in salary, less working hours, and an apartment downtown in the trendy university area. I laughed, and asked if the guy realized I already had a job,...and half joked "Hmmmmm, but more vacation and less hours,...hmmmmmm!"

After I got off the phone, I told my boss about it. I thought it was funny and frankly, felt a little bit flattered. Sunny must have given me a really glowing review to her boss if he was pursuing me. My boss, however, definitely did NOT find it funny. Within a few minutes he had worked himself into a real lather, and once my manager finished her class he had her get on the phone to Sunny to chew her out. Later, while I was teaching my adult class, the would-be-poacher called my boss and apologized profusely. After my class, I entered the Teacher's Room my boss was still reaming him out. I think he threatened to use his clout within the English School Directors Association to have him permanently shunned. Yowza.

Perhaps I should have thought more about how my boss and manager were going to react, but I never thought they would get so pissed off. I guess trying to steal teachers mid-contract is a serious offence. I can see that point, but now I'm also a little embarrassed that they didn't just leave it up to me to accept the guy's offer and ruuuuuuunnnnn awwwwaaaaayyyyy graciously decline. This might be the final fork stuck in the relationship between Sunny and I, but I'm alright with that.

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