Sunday, May 04, 2008


That's what I am. I can't breathe through my poor nose. Oh, woe. Sleeping sucks. I drift off only to wake up a very short time later because it feels like someone coated the inside of my mouth with sawdust and then stuffed it full of cotton.

I did go to see Dr. Dolphin on Friday. I was feeling like I wanted to jam a pencil into my jugular because I was feeling so brutal! I had a plastic bag folded up in my back pocket because I wasn't entirely sure I wasn't going to puke. Dr. Dolphin sonared me with his bulbous forehead and then started screeching at me and pointing to his mouth. Finally I figured out he wanted some fish, so I tossed a couple into his mouth from the bucket I carry around with me. He swaggered around the office with a ball balanced on his face and gestured to the curtain where I went to get an ass injection. Then I went downstairs to the pharmacy where I got my prescription for 18 pills a day. I don't know what these pills are, but they're pretty good! I downed the first six right about six o'clock - and by the time I finished work a couple hours later I felt significantly better. Not right as rain, but not like I wished the earth would swallow me whole, either.

Now I feel sick, and I miss all the nose breathing I normally do, but it'll pass. I'm not going to complain too much about it, since this is the first wretched virus I've had in at least six months. I've got a long weekend to sweat it out, so hopefully I'll be much improved by the time I head back to work on Tuesday.

I stopped by to see Buddy before and after work on Friday, and again on Saturday - but he wasn't around. I hope he's alright.

So here's some awesome Korean T-shirts:
Be the MikaHo. You know you want to. It's so Wolec!

"They call it "PMS" because "Mad Disease

One of my ten year old girls was wearing this. I'm not sure what any of it has to do with friendship, but, ah well!

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KirkK said...

No-no, not the pencil! Seriously, I hope you feel better soon.