Friday, May 02, 2008

My Buddy

I'd been worried about Buddy: The Good Boy for over a week now because he hasn't been around to walk me to school. Every day I asked Circle where Buddy was, but all he'd do was pant at me and turn around in circles.

Well, I finally met Buddy today. He crawled out from under a van where he'd been sleeping and came over to me very slowly. Usually he gallops at me from great distances like a whippet. Oftentimes seeing him running toward me is the highlight of my whole day. It always makes me laugh and I praise him and scratch him and tell him what a Good Boy he is - his excitement and enthusiasm at seeing me just fills my heart up.

But, something's wrong with Buddy. He's not walking on one of his hind legs and he's so thin. I'm worried he may have been his by a car. He stood in the middle of the road and let me pet him while he wagged his tail, but barely opened his eyes.

I gave him a bunch of treats, but wasn't able to stick around for too long because I had to get to work. I'm going to go early tomorrow and see if he's any better. If not, I'm going to try to take him to the animal hospital. I hope he's alright.

Here he is a few weeks ago enjoying the bones I brought him after a work dinner.
I'm so worried about him.

Meanwhile, I'm so sick. I was woozy with fever all day and have a brutally sore throat and ears. I can't breathe and my nose is leaking all over the place. Everything hurts. Really. Even my toes hurt. Worst of all, I felt so guilty all day because I have no patience and my students are so loud and I was so grumpy and all I wanted to do was crawl under the table and cry myself to sleep.

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haryandtiny said...

what kind of bones did you give him?