Friday, May 30, 2008


I don't know, maybe it's just me - but this doesn't seem like the best place for a soju-induced mid-afternoon nap.
This guy was insistent about sleeping in the MIDDLE of the road, too! He'd already been dragged to the curb twice by the concerned vegetable-selling grandmas who line the opposite side of the road (and hassle me as I walk by every single time!) Sleepy Soju Man would protest by screaming and trying to slap them away and then roll himself back into the centre of the street.

There are the grandmothers on one side and always a bunch of grandpas sitting on benches on the other side of the street. Most days they're all drinking, so things can get pretty interesting. Earlier in the week two grandmas got into a fight and ended up slapping each other silly.

Then there's this guy.
He's a regular outside my school. Sometimes he dances and sings and sometimes he fights. Someone usually ends up fetching his wife who comes around to shout at him and smack him around. Quite the daily show going on here!

Speaking of Z's, I was dozing off after I came home from work, so decided to turn off the TV and commit to a little nap, figuring I'd be out for an hour or so. I woke up SIX HOURS later! Holy Jelly Van Winkle! TGIF,'s been a long tiring week.


Joel said...

In his defense, that is the best shade there in the middle of the street!

KirkK said...

Geez, real life is much more funny than anything on TV....

sher said...

Our streets are so boring! And I envy your sleeping. I'm getting very little sleep lately and it's getting very stressful!!!

Michael said...

It's nice to see that there are crazy people all around the world, I thought they were just in my neighborhood!

aljensen said...