Wednesday, December 17, 2008

It's THAT Time of Year, Too.

Oh yah. Time for the ills. I started feeling not so great on Sunday, and by 5 o'clock Tuesday I was sort of wishing that someone would come along with a mallet and pound me unconscious. So I took myself to see the doctor, and guess what he told me? (Guess what he told me?)

Well, he didn't tell me anything, really. He said, "medicine - three day and injection." Did you know that "ass injection" is by far the highest googled term that leads people to visit this site? That, and if you google images for "fear face." I'm so pretty. So I shouldn't encourage the whole ass injection searching, so I won't say anymore except to say I got an injection today.

In my ass.

Lemme tell you, I do not know what the six little pills in perforated plastic houses to be taken three times a day ARE, but I can tell you they rock. I certainly don't feel GOOD, but I'm not feeling like I'd rather be euthanized. I sort of feel like I'm wrapped in a fuzzy blanket of doziness. I keep nodding off. Sweet magic little fuzzy pills, I like 'em.

You know what I don't like? These big stupid machines:
They're busy wood-chipping the lovely forest outside my window. They start up at eight in the morning. They need some perforated doses of "SHUT UP!"

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