Tuesday, December 23, 2008


I can't believe I've just recently tuned into "Brian in Jeollanam-do." Now THERE'S a good blog. Go now. Run away from here before something judges you. Oh whoops! Too late.
Big Fat Green Santa-Rabbit Thing Judges You!
You're slow. You could have been halfway through Brian's most recent post already.

Mostly though, Big Fat Green Santa-Rabbit Thing judges me because I haven't (nearly) finished my Christmas cards. Christmas is two days away and I have never cared less. Santa-Rabbit Thing judges me to be absolutely "bah-humbuggish." Just after I snapped Santa-Rabbit Thing's picture he screamed "YOU SUCK!" and gave me the finger. Hmph.

I told him his blue garbage bag belt sucks, but he did that "talk to my hand" thing, so I just went home to not finish my Christmas cards some more.


KirkK said...

Happy Holiday Jenn! ;o)

Brian said...

Thanks for the love.