Wednesday, April 01, 2009


Happy April Fleurs Day!
Did you get punked yet?

It's a good thing I took some time to appreciate the blooming magnolia trees outside my apartment building, because those lovely flowers die so quickly. Here's a picture I took exactly one week later.


And from yesterday.


They're melllllting!

No matter, though. There are plenty of other pretty things springing to life these days. The cherry blossom trees still need another couple days or so, but in the meantime there's a bat-like thing hanging from the forsythia.


I wonder what's inside.

There are pink flowers.


And red cousins of the pink flowers.


Lots of cousins.


And perfect roses.


Pay no attention to the ubiquitous mounds of trash.


Focus on the pretty!



Kevin said...

Veddy nice, veddy nice.

You wouldn't have anything to do with this, would you?


John McCrarey said...

Hi Jenn (aren't you glad you're not named Jean--then I would have to say Hi Jean--Hygiene--get it? Ha Ha. Ain't I the cat's meow?)

Geez, what's wrong with me?

Anyway, I am posting this comment for the purpose of determining whether I have managed to successfully create/restore a Google account. The problem is, when I log in to Google all I get is Hangul. Since I've only been in Korea a short while (4+ years) obviously I can't be expected to figure that out!

So, maybe you will be considering your blessings if this comment does not appear. But if it doesn't appear, I guess you will never know how blessed you could have been.

And if it does appear, I suppose you will have to learn how to block future comments.

Funny how life is sometimes...