Wednesday, March 05, 2008

Soap Opera

My co-worker Sunny called in sick today. Well, that's not really accurate as she did NOT call in. She just didn't show up. Ballsy! My boss ended up calling her cell which Sunny didn't answer, and then called her house where the sister-in-law reported that Sunny was sick and asleep. Karen requested Sunny be woken up to come to the phone, and so the sister-in-law promised to have Sunny call back in ten minutes. An hour later Karen called again and Sunny's three year old niece hung up on her. Three more calls went unanswered.

That's THREE times that Sunny's left Karen and I hanging in the last two months (since Jane went MIA and we found ourselves short a teacher) and the last time she did this was just last Monday! We've already been so busy this week with moms coming in with potential new students, and all new classes and texts starting. Today was chaotic and I found myself at five o'clock - when I wasn't scheduled to teach at all, instead teaching a large loud combined class of pissed off middle school students. They weren't pissed that I was teaching - they love me - but they were angry at having been combined - a girl/boy thing - and whined at and fought with each other the whole time. Oh, Joy! Meanwhile, I spent the whole day being pissed off at Sunny.

So what will happen in the ongoing drama of my school? Will Sunny come back tomorrow? Has she quit? If so, how long can my boss and I juggle all the classes? If Sunny comes back, what will her excuse be? She was in a coma? She caught Alzheimer's yesterday and forgot she had a job? She's a crap teacher who can't speak English for crap and doesn't give a crap about the school, the students, or her co-workers?

Oh wait, that last one's not so much an excuse as it is a fact.

Tune in tomorrow for another episode!


Nomad said...


A fine read to start off my Thursday morning.

Kevin said...

My sympathies. I can't imagine working with someone so ironically named.


Jelly said...

Nomad, I miss you. How you doin'? Are you ready to come back to the Internets?

Nomad said...

Alas, no, I won't be coming back. Even if I wanted to, I honestly don't have time for regular blogging anymore.