Saturday, March 11, 2006


Kamikaze's relaxing after a busy day of ignoring all his toys.
If I dangle a toy or jingle the bell of one of his toys and he's across the room, he will hurry over to see what's happening. Then he'll lie down and try to pretend me setting the toy on top of his head over and over doesn't bother him.
My cat is a strange combination of total geek and "too cool for school."
He's sure is handsome, though!
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Look at this cat:
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via this site.
This Chinese cat weighs 15kgs (33 lbs) and has a 77cm (31 inch) waist!

It made me curious, so I measured Kamikaze's waist.
Holy cow, it's the same size!!
I wonder if Kamikaze wants to become a famous fat internet cat! The China cat's fatness was even picked up by MSN!

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Cate said...

I love the name, Kamikaze - he's adorable. Is he a polydactyl? Looked like there was an extra finger on that paw, and that's good luck. I saw a picture of that cat in a magazine yesterday - it's a wonder he can walk!

vlb5757 said...

Somedays I feel like that super fat cat! I have a gray kitty too but she is so camera shy and has a wicked bad temper!

Monkey said...


That's one large, happy, spoiled kitty!

Joel said...

And I thought I was fat. If I lost some weight I could actually compete with that cat in waist size. :)

eat stuff said...

wow 15cm THAT IS HUGE, Kiri would look like a midget in comparison

Anonymous said...

Oh, I can tell that poor Kamikaze has been worked to death. Tsk! :)

Red said...

I LOVE YOUR PICTURE!!! My kitty is all black too.

I love your blog!! You have a new visitor.

boo_licious said...

Wow! Kamikaze sounds like he can be the next Internet Cat Idol! I'll definitely vote for him.

Lots of love

Boo the cat

Jelly said...

Thanks everyone for stopping by and for your comments!
Cate - I don't think he has an extra finger but he has a really pronnounced thumb, and can hold things very well!
Clare- I know! Most cats seem like miniatures compared to Kamikaze. He's three times the size of my mom's cat (really, my cat - but I've been gone so long I guess it's hers now!)