Tuesday, January 30, 2007


My winter classes are coming to an end, which makes me happy. I don't like getting up early. Usually, during the last class we have some kind of party which involves cooking. Last year we made crepes. This year we're opening a little restaurant! We're going to be making sandwiches (ham & cheese, tuna salad, veggie, or PB&J) and made-to-order omelets. If I'm not super busy super-vising, I'll try to take some pictures of my little students in action.

Meanwhile tonight I've been busy prepping sandwich fixins' and omelet ingredients.

This year was a lot more work than usual, because I didn't have a textbook for these classes. On the other hand, it was the most fun I've had teaching the special classes, because I got to be more creative. Today we finished up some posters using process language which described how to cook something. Then we did a quick run through of waiter-type dialogues for Tuesday's class.

One important thing I learned is that I should build the classes up, with activities becoming more and more exciting as the days go by. I made the mistake of having a "treasure hunt" throughout the building a couple weeks ago. The kids loved it, but since have hassled me every day to do it again! Otherwise they've been very good students, and so I bought them pizza today. I didn't eat any, though. Corn and pizza go hand in hand here, and I'm not a big fan. Of corn.

I've got some more vegetables to hack up and then I'm going to fill my apartment up with ZZZZZ's.

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