Sunday, January 07, 2007

My Cup Runneth

Back to school a couple days ago, and I found 4 Christmas cards waiting for me! I love mail, yet I rarely get any. In fact, before Christmas all I got were 2 cards - one from my mother and another from my grandmother at the beginning of December - because they're organized like that. So I was very happy to have some mail a plenty!

I was even more pleased when a postman showed up with TWO packages for me that same afternoon! One was from The Mave, totally thoughtful and for no reason other than she ROCKS and she's kind like that!

Check it out!
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YEEEEE-HA! Once my co-workers figured out this one contained some food goodies they gathered around like vultures interested people. I got some Trader Joe's goods. I'm really interested to visit a Trader Joes. I'd never even heard of it before my 2nd to last awesome BBM partner Lindsey sent me such great loot!

So Maven sent me a bunch of sugar free drinks, Kool-aid, Crystal Light, Wyler's, and General Foods International Chai Latte (He-LLO!!!!!) I got some "tuna in red panang curry (yummers!) (from Trader Joe's) and some chocolate caramel tartlet cookies and dark chocolate from the same! There were some Tootsie Pop candy cane lollipops and some caramel corn candies I shared with some of the students. (Mave - did you make those candies? They're awesome!) There was some Zinger tea (I LOVE it) and a box of Nestle Toll House mint holiday gem chocolates. Unbelievable! Finally, I got these great "J" sticky notes, and a handmade crocheted soap carrier with some fabulous smelling Ayervedic soap.
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In the other package, I got a gift from my Secret Santa, which was organized by Maven! Look what I got!!!
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Exactly what I wanted!
Frankly, I didn't even know what the book was about, but I love David Sedaris - and I know of Amy from being a funny actress, so I thought I'd enjoy it. So far - I love it! Thank you CrankyProf for your fantastic gift!

I laughed my ass off that my very Christian (read: missionary) co-worker grabbed the book out of my hands to check it out, and opened it to (shit you not) this page:
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I just about cried later, though, when that same co-worker knocked over the coffee on my desk while I was in class and destroyed the 4 Christmas cards I'd gotten (and worse, the letter from my aunt I hadn't read and the pictures and drawings included in my friend Joanie's letter.) I just happened into the Teacher's Room in time to snatch my lovely new hardcover book off the desk, but not before some coffee had seeped onto the edge of the pages. Still, it's alright.

But still, grrrrrr!

Thanks, though, ladies - for the outstanding gifts! My cup did runneth over!


It's Me, Maven... said...

That was a fantastic book, by the way! If you haven't checked already... take a peak on the INSIDE of your book cover. :)

Hope you enjoy everything in your pack, and hope the vultures don't strip it empty!

PS: No, I didn't make the candy. A company in Utah called Sweets, did. They even made some peppermint and some eggnog flavored taffy this year too.

sher said...

Wow!! That stuff is great. I'm so glad you got your Crystal lite--I remember how much you said you like it. A pox on the person who knocked your coffee over. :):)

lindsey starr said...

okay, so I was reading this post, and my 9 yr old son is looking over my shoulder.... I get down to the photo of the woman bent over with the mirror... and he was like... "mommy, what is that lady doing?..." I so did not feel in the mood to go there, so I chose to ignore.

thanks for the compliment too! and I had been feeling like I need to send you another little box, but now that you JUST got these, I will wait a little. And yes, you would LOVE Trader Joes. I don't know anyone who doesn't! They have such intriguing things, and they are inexpensive to boot (which is awesome), and the food is mostly pretty healthy versions of things out there, since they don't use alot of the partially hydrogenated goop, and other stuff like that. Did I mention that they also have cool packaging? and most of the things there are private label, which is part of why it is cheaper (no advertising fees of the big brand names).
I love those chocolate caramel tartlets- good thing they are wrapped individually, as it slows me a little!
In any case- I will have to have fun picking out some more things for you soon.
Oh, and you were the most awesome BBM recipient! as you even sent a package to me!