Wednesday, January 17, 2007


Another day, another trip downtown to buy food to feed the beast that is Kamikaze. When I first came to this little corner of nowhere, I can tell you I was not impressed to learn I was going to have to make almost an hour and a half journey (round-trip) to get cat food and such. Turns out I don't mind it too much, though. I like the bus ride, which gives me time to listen to some tunes, or read a book, or grip the pole in terror as we go sailing through red lights. Once downtown, I can stop in at the teeny tiny bookstore with its teeny tiny selection of fiction. Every one in awhile there's something new in there that looks interesting.

I've been struggling to get through a book called Orange Laughter, which I bought in a Country Store for about 5 bucks while I was in Canada. It's written in the 1st person narrative of a crazy man, so it's a little hard to read.

But then again, perhaps so is this blog.

Anyhow, I spent too long wandering around the shopping place and missed the last bus back to Nowhere. So I hailed a taxi. As soon as I got in and told the guy where I was headed he announced "Ee man won."
"Huh?" I asked, not knowing what he was talking about.
He repeated himself ("Twenty bucks!") He motioned like he was going to shut off the meter he'd already turned on.
"AniYO!" I exclaimed! I've taken a cab many many times. He was about to charge me double what the ride normally costs. Smooooooth.

I guess as retaliation for not being able to swindle me, he decided to scare the crap out of me by pretending he was driving a racecar.

I've really got to learn how to say, "Yo, Andretti! Ease up on the gas there, eh?" in Korean.


Sarah and Tiggy said...

Hi Jelly. I have been totally out of the blogging loop for the past little while, and I just dropped by to catch up on your and Kamikaze's antics. I started a new blog, one that my scumbag husband doesn't know about, here is the address if you are interested:

Sarah J

Joy T. said...

Followed you over from your comment on my blog, and wanted to say a big thank you for sending me over to sweetnicks :o) So cool! And your blog definitely isn't hard to read....which means I'll be back :o)