Thursday, March 29, 2007


I didn't mention it, but this past Sunday and Monday I was feeling pretty damned good. I guess when you're feeling alright you don't necessarily think, "Damn! I feel A-ok today!" But it was somewhat of a hurdle for me because I've been feeling crappy, (as you know if you've read posts over the last few weeks) first with a wonked up back, and then with a bit of a female issue I didn't mention. But Sunday everything seemed to be pretty good. Haller-loo-yah! Monday was alright too! Nothing really to complain about. Well I guess there was something - but it wasn't bugging me too much.

I had a little bump in my armpit - something I'd noticed maybe a week before. It wasn't really bothering me. Then it got a bit bigger. And a bit more bigger and I started to wonder what was up. By Tuesday I had a low grade fever and it kind of felt like I was wearing a shirt where the seam that attaches the arm to the shirt was too tight. Oh, and this seam was made of barbed wire.

Wednesday seemed a little better than the day before, but today was crap. Whatever's going on in my armpit is huge, on fire, and infected. I went to the doctor's. Just so you know, "Soo-sul" means "an operation" in Korean, which is what I'm going to be having tomorrow. I asked the pharmacist what it meant, and he told me. They've loaded me up on horse sized antibiotics today and tomorrow they'll be doing things which I'm REALLY hoping involve some kind of anesthesia, but I'm fearing won't. If you hear screams throughout the peninsula, that'd be me. I suspect my hollering may reach as far away as Japan, and it may or may not cause a tsunami or two. So be aware.

Then, once I'm done screaming, I'm going to go teach. Hopefully I'll be loaded up on painkillers. Should be fun, wish me luck!


Max said...

Good luck with the operation, Jelly. Hope everything goes well. I can't help wondering two things: Do you even know what the "bump" is? And aren't the doctors going to do a biopsy first? Anyway, best wishes for a speedy recovery.

Kevin said...

Good luck! I hope they get rid of the whateveritis. It could be cellulitis, which is potentially serious if not treated right away, so you're doing the right thing by going to the hospital pronto.

A buddy of mine had to get treated for cellulitis in undergrad; he was in and out of the campus hospital with no long-term aftereffects. I think he had to do antibiotics for a while, but I don't trust my memory.


Jelly said...

Thank you very much, guys.
Max, I don't know what it is - but maybe the doctor does. Unfortunately he couldn't tell me about it because his English skills are really limited. Maybe I'll be having a biopsy tomorrow - but really I don't know what's going to happen. Maybe they're going to hack my arm off.
Kevin, I googled "armpit lump" and what I found freaked me out enough that I would have gone even if it hadn't felt necessary. Today it felt imperative I go - it actually hurts a lot.
I've been muttering curses all day.
Thanks for the well wishes, though.

John McCrarey said...

I'll be thinking of you and sending you my best pain killing vibes. As the others have said, better a little operation now than something major later.

I can't believe you aren't taking a day off work. That's either amazing dedication or, well, you're having surgery I'll be nice.

Good luck, Jenn.

Michael said...

Oh my...hope you're doing better now.

I know if I use the same type/brand of deodorant too long that I've gotten a cyst in my underarm....but I just use a different brand and it goes away.

Gigha said...

I hope all went ok today, and that the pain and the lump are long gone!

It's Me, Maven... said...

I'll go for the lowest common denominator at the moment...

You should snap photos or video the next time you go in to the doc to have this thing lanced... and then upload the pics/vid to Pop That Zit. There's a guy on there that's got an abscess under his arm... I'm getting woozy just thinking about it... and now curious if there have been any new uploads lately:)