Friday, March 02, 2007

Joy Less

Yep, Joy - my co-worker - had her last day on Wednesday. I'm bummed about it, but happy for her to be going back to school. She is a good teacher, and will be an even better teacher once she finishes getting her degree in Education. Even though she has a degree in chemical engineering, she has to go back to school for FOUR more years to become a certified teacher. Yow!

We went out for a meal. It wasn't that delicious. The new teacher that's been hired came around at the end of the meal. She's not going to be starting for another couple weeks, though, so it's just going to be the boss, the bossy one, and myself at work. It's going to be hectic. The new teacher seems nice enough, but her English is pretty bad. We didn't talk too much, but the questions I did ask had to be asked more than once so she could understand. She asked me, "Do you like let's see a movie?" Uhhhhhh, yah. After the meal, Joy and the new teacher invited me to karaoke, but I sadly declined. My back is still screwed up. I'm hobbly. If I'm saying no to the noraebang, you know I'm screwed up!

Jane got back to me about tax and pension with what amounted to a big "NO." ("They can't accept." was her actual phrase.) I sighed and shook my head, telling her they were making a very bad decision. ("They" are my boss and her husband - who I suppose is my true boss in name, even though I haven't seen him in about 8 months.) If I get the pension office to go after them, they're going to levy a fine on top of the 2,880,000W my boss owes. A big fine. It's not going to please them. I hate the thought of it. I asked Jane to check one more time to make sure we can't negotiate something that is acceptable to all of us.

I hate this stuff. It makes me very anxious.

I spent yesterday (a holiday here) at home sleeping most of the day. When I wasn't sleeping I was worrying about all this mess, and worrying about my family back home. I called my brother yesterday morning and he asked if I'd heard about my grandmother. I hadn't.

I knew she had been sick with an awful cold, or the flu or something. I'd talked to her a couple weeks ago and she had seemed a little out of it. Mid-conversation she forgot which granddaughter I was, and confused me for my cousin Kate. I called my father afterwards to ask if she was alright, and he said she'd been sick, but she was ok. Well, about a week ago she got up in the middle of the night to get a glass of water and she fainted. In the fall, she fractured her back and she's been in the hospital since. I'm still waiting for an e-mail telling me what's happening. I'm worried, though.

Sad, worried, anxious, and hobbly am I. I'm glad it's Friday.


sher said...

Oh gosh, this is not good. I do hope your boss sees the light and works something out with you. They are crazy not to. I'm so sorry about your back and your grandmother. It must be tough to be so far away from home.

Kevin said...

I hope to read good news about your grandmother soon. Continued good luck with your financial wrestling match. I admire your tenacity. It's the only way you're ever going to see what's owed to you.