Thursday, January 29, 2009

Just Being Nominated

Over at The Hub of Sparkle, I've been nominated for a Klog award (for bloggers in Korea) in the "funniest blog" category. That's funny, eh?

So feel free to go vote for me hundreds of times. I think if I win, I will get a trip to some sunny beach in Thailand. At least, that's what I'm hoping. I'm using the secrets from The Secret to will the awarding of the Thailand vacation for winning the Klog award into being.

Really it's a crime Mister Pooper wasn't nominated in the funniest category, but he should just count himself lucky I haven't hurt him for his lack of posting. Granted, I don't know where he is - but I could will the universe to reveal his location if I wanted to.

Please feel free to swing on over and vote for Diana as the "Happiest Korea Blogger" as well. She makes me happy, anyways.

And thanks to Rob at Roboseyo for putting the awards together. Right. Now go vote. A sunny vacation is I am wanting. Fighting!


Foreigner Joy said...

I helped nominate you because your blog always gives me a laugh.

Goodluck! ;)

Diana said...

Hahaha Thanks for the shout. I did vote for you. :)

Thailand beach vacation, eh? I'm thinking the Korean government will use it as their hit list for deportation this year. That seems more likely.

Roboseyo said...

Unfortunately, until we find a major corporate sponsor, the prize for winning your category will be a .jpg file of some gold kimchi... but don't let that stop you from sending your readers over to vote.

Have a good one.


Jelly said...

I hear what you're saying, Rob - but I don't think you are understanding me. I am WILLING the prize to be a trip to Thailand. See? If you think I'm not getting a trip to a sunny beach then you, sir, underestimate the power of my mind.

rwellor said...

If you don't get a trip to Thailand?

My vote was wasted!

Jelly said...

Thanks Rwellor! It's not a wasted vote - it's a vote of confidence. THEY'RE GOING TO GIFT ME A TRIP! *nyyyuuuunnng nyyyyuuung nnyyyuuung* (That's the sound of my mind willing it so.)