Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Sashimi Buffet

Underneath my school there's a "hwe jjip" - meaning a raw fish restaurant. Just outside of the restaurant they've got this tent set-up with plastic tubs of water and piped in air that are filled with fish and such swimming around. If you're eating in the restaurant, once you place your order one of the staff is dispatched outside to the tubs to wrangle your fish and relieve him of life. Then he's cleaned and sliced and delivered back to your table all fresh and cold and ready to be eaten. You can also stop by the tent to get an order of freshly killed fish "to go" in a styrofoam container.


In the summer, there are a few tables set up outside where you can enjoy your fish and soju.

For the clever cats of the neighbourhood, though - this place is an all you can eat buffet, and it's free! Check out laser cat waiting to jump up on the wall once the guard leaves the fish unattended.


Closer, closer. Stealth. Patience.


Like a ninja, he sneaks even closer, distracting everyone with blurriness.


A-ha! The coast is clear!


Unfortunately I made a noise and kitty went back into hiding mode until I went away. I've stood quietly (but camera-less, sniff) before while the kitties pop their heads up from behind the tubs and claw a fish out before running away to eat their dinner. These smart kitties are there watching, waiting, and snatching every night, too! I'm going to try to snap a picture of a theft in progress, but I've got to be vewwwwwyyyy qwiet! I think the only way the restaurant owners can stop the poaching is to tie up a dog near the tubs. I hope that never happens. I'm rooting for the cats!


KirkK said...

Those are some smart cats! BTW, do they also serve Sannakji, as well?

James Creegan said...

They'd better. If my Squid ain't moving, I ain't eating.