Tuesday, January 06, 2009

Strangely Psychic

The students waiting for their three o'clock class to begin today came barreling into the Teacher's Room in the middle of their daily game of Chase Each Other Around And Scream Your Head Off. The door of the Teacher's Room smashed into our new (used?) printer/photocopier that lives behind the door. BANG! This collision happens every day, many times over. It's not just the kids, either. All my co-workers tend to swing the door open crazily. Anyhow, I've recently noticed that I'm developing a nice deep wrinkle between my eyes from the furrowing of my brows. I need to stop all the grimacing.


So I pointed out to my co-worker that all the smashing into the machine cannot possibly be good for it. In fact, I said "You know, the photocopier is going to get hurt pretty soon if we don't find a way to stop the door from hitting it."

A couple hours later I noticed the machine had started to bleed.


Isn't that WEIRD? There are four containers of ink attached to the machine to allow it to print in colour, and only the red one (which is the third one farthest from the door) started to leak all over the place. I lifted up the copier to see that there's a flood of "blood" underneath and called my co-worker over to tell her we needed to call an ambulance.


Oh, and I forgot I took a picture of the scary saxophone playing Santa across from my school.


He's still standing there today, creeping me out almost two weeks after Christmas.

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Kevin said...

You should have fingerpainted a Madonna-and-Child into that pool of "blood."