Thursday, January 22, 2009


During the autumn I found a loaf of bread at Paris Baguette here that was on display as one of their "Fall Selections." It looked good so I snapped it up. I was so pleased with it; crusty on the outside and soft, yet dense on the inside - it's exactly how a proper loaf of bread is supposed to be. I've forgotten the Korean name, but it's a "wholemeal" loaf. Delicious.


Over the last few weeks I've been disappointed when I've gone to snag a loaf. They'd disappeared. Finally, last Thursday I left a note for the manager with my phone number at work, asking that they call me when they've baked up another batch of these bad boys. They called the next day while I was teaching and told my co-worker that if I agreed to buy the bread, they'll make it for me! So now we've got an arrangement where I stop in every Wednesday and pick up three loaves! SCORE! (I'll then stop by my friend's restaurant which is just a block away and share, giving them one of the loaves. I've turned them on to the goodness.) Back home I'll enjoy a fresh loaf for a couple days and then use the sliced up loaf in the freezer for breakfast toast and toasted sandwiches until Wednesday rolls around again. Maybe I should start a new "sandwich Thursday" feature here.


It's so nice to have some "real" bread, rather than the fluffy white crap that tastes like cake and is made out even more so when eaten, as a lot of Koreans do, with whipped cream. Yuck.

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