Thursday, January 08, 2009

I've Got a Stalker

My hateful misogynist pal is at it again.

I've employed comment moderation specifically because of this guy, and it's made me happy to find his vicious comments blocked so that only I get the benefit of their spite. They roll off me, really. Like water and the duck's back sort of thing.

I posted about this guy's first assault back in August, and I've heard from him quite a few times since then. You can guess none of it's been pleasant.

So this troll man seems to not be satisfied that his OPINION is NOT! BEING! HEARD! and he's taken it upon himself to post about me on his site.
Here's his latest dig:

Ugly Foreign Bitches in Korea Part II


Holy Shit!
Am I wrong?
I couldn't get that drunk.

Check it out for yourself.
That isn't even funny. You live in Korea; you can get plastic surgery.

I'm not going to bother linking this prick again. If you're interested, you can find him through the August post I mentioned above. Beware. You will be warned by google (kudos to whoever reported him) but I'll warn you again his site is NSFW. It's really NSFY-(you) unless you're a fan of assholes.

A few weeks ago, I watched a program on the Discovery Channel about Steven Hawking called "The Theory of Everything" I'd been looking forward to it, as it had been hyped up in advertisements the month previous. There are loads of things I want to write about regarding that program, but one sentence in particular has stuck in my head.

There was a scientist who was talking as he stood in a library. He compared the known universe to the expansive booky space he was standing in. He then compared our galaxy to one of the shelved books, and our whole planet to one period (or as he put it, "full stop" heh heh, Brits, eh?) in the book. A dot.

That blew my mind, but it wasn't something I hadn't imagined before. I'd been taught in my Catholic school upbringing about infinity. Okay. But, still - I was never able to easily wrap my mind around that either.

What floored me, however, was the scientists talking of our past. They kept saying "when the universe was small."

Once more: "When the UNIVERSE was TINY!"

It wasn't even small. It was tiny. You could have fit a whole bunch of our universes in your pocket a few billion years ago. Did you know this? I didn't know this! I wanted the narrator and the scientists to grab a megaphone and enunciate, really, scream it, "WHEN THE UNIVERSE WAS TINY!"

All that didn't just get me thinking about the past of this place we inhabit, (in case you missed it: THE UNIVERSE WAS TINY!) but it gave me some perspective.

There is no moment more important than now. Right now, this moment, might be all you have. You're a smidgen in the grand scheme of things. Truthfully, you're not even a dot. Still, I wholeheartedly believe that what you put forth and how you contribute and generally how you BE, is if utmost importance. All you can truly own is your thoughts and your actions. Those are yours. The rest is going to have been small and will eventually get too huge to exist. In the meantime, there's now.

My stalker can suck it.

There are quite a few things one could call me to make me feel like shit. I'd only feel like shit if I thought for even a moment they might be true. Unfortunately for my stalker, UGLY isn't even close.


StopHurtingAmerica said...

Great perspective. Keep it.

Kevin said...

I think your stalker's insane. At the very least, he's got nothing better to do than whack off online.


Michael said...

Sorry you've got the stalker issue....I just don't understand people sometimes.

Diana said...

What a jerk! Your blog is funny. It features many things that stare at me and judge me. :)

No really, don't let this guy get to you.

KirkK said...

I can't believe "It" is still at it..... I feel for you.

Mike Bohemoth said...

What a turkey. What's the point of going to someone's blog if you're just going to deride them? Hang out, enjoy the vibe...or don't. It's a big world, he can go somewhere else.