Thursday, September 29, 2005

Mo Clicky Click

That last picture of the,..uh,...Longwang, was courtesy of this cool site. If you're at all interested in 'nature' and/or cute/scary/curious/freaky/funny animal pictures and commentaries, go have a look. The site is very heavy on photos, so could take some time to load, but it's definitely worth a visit. I remember thinking Gemini, the two-faced kitten I fell in love with was a real rarity, but the Welsh View Nature Site has a plethora of freaky multi-limbed and headed animals!

I had my first lesson with the boss and it went well. I picked up a textbook and workbook last night and she really liked my choice. The 1st chapter is on verb tenses, which is something I wanted to work on with her first off anyway. I think this is going to be fun, though it makes for a long day. Even though our lesson ended at about 9:20, (we ran over a few minutes) I didn't say bye-bye to her until almost 10:30 after we'd closed up the school and gone to eat some (so-so) dolsot bibimbap. I loaded her up with homework, and promised to beat her good with a stick if she didn't complete it.

Today I made sandwiches for my middle school girls. One of them celebrated their birthday on the weekend, and I promised I'd hook them up after they begged for sammies after seeing the staff eating them last Friday. (I had made roasted chicken, sauteed mushrooms, and tabasco-mayo dressing on baguettes last Friday, but my girls got fake crab salad with mayo and wasabi, sliced cucumbers, alfalfa sprouts and lettuce on multi-grain bread today.) It was declared yummilicious.

I'm all about the sandwiches these days because my fricking stove is broken. It worked fine Monday night, and hooked me up with some rice and fried egg with old stanky kimchi, but when I went to make some miso soup for breakfast Tuesday morning, it was kaput. You know on gas stoves how you push the dial in and turn and there's this click click click before the flame swooshed into action? I ain't got no clicky clicks. Not having fire really limits one's choices on what to eat. I can't even boil water for tea, which BITES.

So, tomorrow some joker is going to come have a look at my stove before work. I've been cleaning the apartment so he doesn't judge me. It's not really dirty, so much as it is dusty and grimey and soot caked. I'm joking. It's messy, is all. I have a habit of creating piles of crap on surfaces. Not actual "crap." I create piles of crap in my toilet. On the tables and chairs and counters, there's piles of stuff.

I am pretty sure he's going to judge me about what's under my stove (countertop burner, to be more precise) as I have NEVER cleaned under there, and will bet my ass the guy who lived here before me didn't either. How does one do that anyhow? Lift the stove with one arm and clean with the other? I'm not Superman, goddammit.

Anyhow, I'm very busy these days, teaching and eating and cleaning and crapping. Tomorrow night I'll be learning and creating. Balloon animals. For Friday's "Market Day." You can read a little bit about our last one here. I've decided to move from the restaurant back to the stationery store to display and sell my balloon creations. (ART!!) Then I have a 3-day weekend, as Monday is a holiday! Yeeee hah!

**Edit: The stove man has "some trouble" and isn't coming this morning. Karen's going to try to get him to come Saturday sometime (it had better not be at 8am) so until then, I can't cook anything. I was really getting spoiled with those hot meals, anyhow! Now I have to go gnaw on a carrot.

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