Wednesday, September 07, 2005

Typhoon and Things

So it was very typhoony here today. I can't complain too much since I have tousled and teased typhoon tresses. They're looking hot, like a music video. I wasn't too happy, though, when I got to work SOAKED, even though I was carrying an umbrella. About four or five times, it turned completely inside out, and each time I laughed my ass off. Thank god I wasn't wearing a skirt, because it'd have been wrapped up around my forehead. As it was, my underwear was soaked. I was glad I had the foresight to wear my sandals I hate, as they're perhaps ruined. I don't know why leather hates rain, seeing as cows are out in it all the time.

I got a bit of a break today, because my 2nd class had only one student, so he joined another class. For some reason, our 7 o'clock classes were cancelled as well, which was (of course) fine by me. I made like it wasn't, saying "please Karen, don't cancel my class, I love to teach!" She liked that.

Things at school right now, are not so good. My boss gave up two of her classes and unloaded them on the Korean teachers. Which might be fine and dandy, except their previous breaks, used to do (^#%$%) phone teaching, are spent in-class. Yet they still have to make (as a guesstimate) 100 calls a month. Karen dropped another bomb on us today, requiring "daily reports" to be filled out, noting what we taught and who was present in class. I wonder where we're headed with this over-managerial push. It doesn't excite me. I hate working in a non-positive environment; I tend to quit those types of jobs. (Not that I'll be quitting this one, but I wonder what the other teachers are thinking.) So none of this conformity crap is good in my book.

Good news is that every typhoon I've been through tends to clear the weather out like a scrub brush, so chances are it'll be gorgeous.

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