Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Age of Aquarius

When the moon is in the seventh house, and Jupiter aligns with Mars Venus,...then good stuff will surely happen, yes?
According to this article, three of the brightest objects in our night sky are going to collide into one another and explode in a massive fire-ball gather together for a conference.

Here's what's happening with Venus and Jupiter in the early morning sky from now through the end of January: "From now through the end of January, the gap between the two will noticeably close, until on Feb. 1 they'll be separated by just over one-half degree, which is roughly the apparent width of the moon (The width of your fist, held at arm's length roughly corresponds to 10 degrees). Jupiter will shine brilliantly at magnitude -1.9, yet it will appear only 1/7 as bright as Venus, which will gleam at magnitude -4.0."

And then starting on February 3rd the moon is joining in on the fun. By February 4th, "the show will reach its peak when, about 45 minutes before sunrise, Venus, Jupiter and the moon — the three brightest objects of the night sky — will form a striking isosceles triangle, with the two planets 3 degrees apart and the moon marking the vertex of the triangle just over 5 degrees below the "dynamic duo."

I've got a great view from my bed of Venus rising every morning, so I'm looking forward to the upcoming show! Eyes up, everyone!

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