Tuesday, September 19, 2006

BBM5 - My Package from the States!

Finally another Blogging By Mail swap came around, this time hosted by the lovely Stephanie at Dispensing Happiness. Blogging by Mail is an exchange of food goodies by Bloggers from around the globe. I finally got my package mailed out this morning (about 3 days late - sorry partner) and as luck would have it, when I arrived back at school MY package from Lindsey at Wildflower in the Wind was waiting for me. All the way from Connecticut to Korea in only 5 days! Yeee hah!

I've been so lucky with my BBM partners, they've been generous and thoughtful, and this time was no different! Check out my bounty!
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Mmmmmm! Comfort food! Oh - I love this stuff! Macaroni and Cheese, some N"Awleans Jambalaya mix, and not photographed well - some goat cheese and herb potato chips and (MMM!) some white cheddar Chester Cheetah Cheetos Cheezies! Ha ha ha! Oh, and right up in front there are some sliced Parmesan bready crispy yummy things. Mmmmm!
But wait, there's more!!

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I stopped by to visit my friends on my way home and to show off my goodies, and we brewed up a pot of tea. Lindsey has a tea business, and she sent me some pumpkin chai, and some ginger peach loose tea. We had the peach tonight and it was delicious. Also, there's a couple packages of Chai-mix, and a whole container of it! Chai's so sweet and yummy- perfect as the weather cools off! There's two kinds of instant potatoes (and gratin and one garlic mashed) and I'm going to eat a bowl tonight.
Oh, and,...
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Allllright! I really want to eat this with some kind of sauce - like I would back home. My mind's blanking - it's not tzadziki-- tahini? Yoghurt based? I'll sort something out and blog it when I do. I love falafel!

Last, but certainly not least,...
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Crystal Light and Slim Jims! Pink Lemonade! Meaty goodness! I love it! Seriously, I want to bring Crystal Light to the masses here. I had a neverending glass of pink lemonade going on all day today, and all the students begged to try it - and they did - and proclaimed it delicious. There's no such thing as PINK lemonade here, and no such thing as sugar free fruit drinks. Three almond Trader Joe's croissants didn't manage to make it to photo time. They got all eaten up very shortly after the package was opened at school. They were good!

Thank you Lindsey. Your package is OUTSTANDING and I'm blown away by your generosity! I'm very grateful and this is exactly the kind of package I'd send to myself!

Actually, I was informed of this BBM round by my last partner, Eva in Belgium, right before sign ups closed, pretty much. I'll try to be more on the ball and post of the next round - hopefully there will be one, well in advance! I'd love to see another blogger from Korea sign up!


eva said...

WOW! You are so lucky - everything in that parcel looks super yummy!

It's Me, Maven... said...

Your blogging by mail buddy has good taste, I do detect those Parmesan crisps are from Trader Joes.

Brilynn said...

That's a great package to receive! I'm still waiting on the edge of my seat for mine... BBM is awesome!

lindsey starr said...

So glad you liked it all and that it coincided with your birthday!!!
and yes, quite a few things were from Trader Joes, as I am hooked on their things, and I sent some of my favorites....
I was happy to be your BBM partner, as I found clues amongst some of your previous posts as to things I could send that you might like. I had fun shopping for you!