Sunday, June 10, 2007

Happy Anniversary

Today marks the start of my 4th year in my silly little town. Wheeee!

I didn't realize yesterday that I was going to feel worse today, but Holy Helga with a Hula Hoop,...everything hurts. Actually, maybe I have a couple toes on each foot that are alright. But even with painkillers, my muscles are screwwwwwed. All of them. Whatever's happening under the bandage on my forehead isn't good. There's seepage. My name is Jenny Limps-A-Lot.

I want someone to wash my hair. I'm not supposed to get my forehead wet, though. And there's still glass in my hair. I wonder if when I finally shampoo if I'm going to end up grinding the shards into my skull. I want someone to chew some food and regurgitate it Mama-Bird style into my mouth. It hurts to move my jaw.

I've only been able to sleep an hour or so at a time. I've hardly slept at all. I'm really tired.

Thank you, to folks who've commented. I am very thankful that it wasn't worse than it was. But still, as far as things go, it was pretty messed up. It's my anniversary. Where's the cake and the party hats?


Bonnie Loves Cats =^..^= said...

How are you able to manage? Is someone helping you a little? How is our big boy, Kamikaze, taking all of this? Things always feel worse the day after. When do you go back for your check-up? Not a nice anniversary, but an anniversary nonetheless!
I'm pulling for you.

Anonymous said...

Poor Jen! Wish I was closer and could give you a hug, but then again, that would probably hurt, huh?

I'm glad that it wasn't worse. That type of accident could have left you paralyzed or dead.

Do you remember what happened? I recall that you were talking about the scary bus driver just a couple of days ago, and now this.

Well, I really hope the pain fades soon. And I am so glad you are still among the living.

Hang tough, girl.


Bohemian in Korea said...

Hugs Dear
I hope you are doing better will send positive thoughts your way.

sher said...

Yes, you need someone to be your caretaker. I'm so sorry you had to spend your anniversary that way! But, I'm also glad that your weren't hurst worse than you were. I wish I was there. Upsie and Sundance say hello---and purrrrrrrrrr.