Friday, June 15, 2007

A Little Mercy

The doctor isn't liking the way my leg's looking. He definitely wasn't too happy to see I'd taken the splint off. I think if his English was better he would have really scolded me. He'd like me to not walk on it at all. He wrote down his telephone number and asked me to have my Wonjangnim (boss) call him when I got to work. So Jane spoke with him and then she scolded me - kind of sort of. My not walking is contrary to being at work, which isn't in the school's best interest.

But I guess the doctor was pretty serious, and I'll bet he used the Korean word for "bed-rest," because he told me twice in English that's what I should be doing. He mentioned ligaments to Jane, and that we'll probably need more X-rays and such on Saturday. He wouldn't take the crutches back, so I've been making an effort to use them. It takes a long time to get anywhere on them, and I feel kind of silly knowing I can just tuck them under my arm and walk much faster. I know I have a tendency to do things because I can, regardless of if I should. I find it really difficult to try and stay seated in the classroom.

So when I had a break at 4 o'clock, Jane spent about 20 minutes rubbing ice on my giant purple leg before deciding that I could go home. I actually misted up with gratefulness. She told me they should have given me some time to rest, but that she really appreciates me coming in. Tomorrow I'm going to visit my usual doctor to have the dressing on my forehead changed before work. The hospital visits are costing about fifty bucks a day, compared to the four dollars I pay at Dr. Demento Dolphin-Head's office.

In other news, I just got my very first dirty phone call in Korea. (Isn't there a term for a wanking heavy breather on the phone? It seems to me there used to be a word for it, before the invention of called ID.) After I said, "Hello?" the guy whispered "Wait-uh," and then there was some heavy breathing before he said "Pone-uh sex-uh hagushipseyo." I listened to him breathe and groan a bit before he said "Hello? Huuhhhh huuuuhhh" and then I laughed and said "Bye-bye!" I heard him protesting as I hung up, but he didn't call back.

A Muslim fellow I know called tonight and invited me out on the weekend. His Korean friend just got a new car and wants to go for a long drive. I declined. I think I'll not leave my apartment this weekend besides the hospital visit on Saturday. There's a good chance I'll feel lonely and blue. If anyone wants to chat, let me know, eh?


Bohemian in Korea said...

Is there anything you need or that we can get for you?

Jelly said...

That's very kind of you! Can you get me a vacation on a sandy beach with a fantastic ocean breeze?
No, I think I'm okay - but you could come here and hold an umbrella over my head while I hobble on my crutches. That'd be nice.
Um-be-rella, ella, ella, eh eh eh.